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International Student Ministry – St Louis is completely self-supported financially. All of our financial support comes from donations (from individuals and congregations) and grants. The purpose of these grants is to support the ministry activities while we grow our donor base of individuals and partner churches. We are an umbrella organization of ISM Inc, who receives some financial support from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, but as an affiliated organization we do not receive financial support.

GRANTS:  We currently have a grant from LWML, the LCMS Missouri District, and the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis.

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS:  This is where the most ministry gets done! Most of our funding comes from those who have been touched by the ministry and understand first hand how unique and important it is.

PARTNER CONGREGATIONS:  We have several member congregations in St. Louis who have agreed to pray, volunteer, and support us financially on an ongoing basis. If you would like to see your church make this commitment to be a supporting partner church, please let us know. It is a way to support your congregation’s mission to reach the ends of the earth, and you can do it without the time and expense and danger of going on an overseas mission trip!

Use the donation form below to donate using Paypal. At this time, other donation methods are not supported on this website. Please contact our Director, Sharon Riordan, and she can accept your donation with our thanks and help set you up for recurring donations if you desire.

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