ISM welcomes you!
for International Students! 
Tuesday, October 19
12 PM - 1 PM
Memorial Presbyterian Church 

Tuesday, November 16

12 PM - 1 PM
Memorial Presbyterian Church

Tuesday, December 7

12 PM - 1 PM

Memorial Presbyterian Church

201 S. Skinker Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63105
Enjoy a delicious free lunch
and make new friends!
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Welcome to St. Louis! We're so glad you're here! International students like you contribute greatly to the richness and vitality of our city.

Would you like to have an American "Friendship Family" while you're here? Friendship Families are a wonderful way to:

  • meet an American family that really wants to know you! They'll be interested in learning about you, your family, and your country.

  • see how Americans live and see the inside of an American home (you can meet virtually during COVID-19).

  • ask questions about living here -- about shopping, driving, and places to visit. They will know!

Having a Friendship Family is great fun!  In many cases, students and their American families become lifelong friends.

If you'd like to have a Friendship Family, please contact Sharon at or 314-452-6406.

American Friendship Families!